Tuesday, November 3, 2009

unearthen by SS09 precious rock bullet necklaces

woooooooomg. i was just online and i found THESE!! This is SS09 "unearthen" collection. these gemstone necklaces they are doing are amazing. all of the pieces are one of a kind and get this: the antiquey-gold looking cases they are in are actually real spent bullets!! that is so cool and strange at the same time!!! love it! and get this: apparently wearing one has health benefits. like helps the body strengthen and other weird stuff. these are so cool. i can't get enough of them. i want one in every stone, in medium (in my opinion the smalls are too small and larges and too large). Except that isn't going to happen because guess what? the mediums are like $410.00. I really do love them a lot though. Click the image or click here to view it regular size, it is way wayyy better. trust me. Don't you think that they are AMAAAAZING??? Man. I want one so badd. Here's the unearthen necklaces page. hope you guys liked. -98%H(elium)

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