Monday, November 30, 2009

wooooooooo music monday-finally posted on an actual monday!

heres the latest in wonderful urban outfitters indie-awesome music:
download is legal and free, should bring up a box on your computer which will download the songs and stick em on itunes.

ur weeelcom. -98%H(elium)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

antonio berardi-spring 2010 rtw

my pick this week: antonio berardi. i loved his spring 2010 rtw collection, so pretty with a sexy side. but beautifully crafted. here are some of my favourite looks, from beginning to end. this collection reads spring to me, but not in an obvious way.
it also heavily reads cocktail party, although near the end of the show it goes lingerieish. he uses some slightly sheer and satiny fabrics and the combination is beautiful, i especially love the first look.
the model's makeup is also beautiful: simple, yet elegant, but also slightly reading cocktail. i love the eyes. that is obviously antonio there at the end. he is a prettty amazing man, to design these clothes.

Friday, November 27, 2009

this week. spring 2010. my picks.

alexander mcqueen
alexander wang

antonio berardi


betsey johnson

bottega venetta

burberry (prorsum)

okay. so, i am trying to memorize the names of all the designers i am fond of so i can spit them all out at some random moment. i don't know, i just feel like everyone with their blogs (and all of my inspirers) know so much, that i need to start knowing more. so here is my start. every week i am posting names of about 6 or 7 designers in big letters in my room until i can say them really fast, completely memorized. yeah, i know. no life besides fashion. so these are my picks for this week that i am learning and loving the spring collections of. especially antonio berardi. i really love his spring collection and will post about his collection alone shortly. so hopefully i can keep this up every week, until i learn them! and i will pick the collection i like the most out of the 6 or 7 and post about it. here we go. hope you like this week! -~98%H(elium)~

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

music mondays, on a tuesday.

sorry for the belated gift! here is the latest (nov. 23) music monday player. the songs are free and legal, the link should take you right to itunes. enJOI!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

¡ay caramba!

balenciaga. is. amazing. his spring 2010 collection did not fall within the box boundaries of an average spring collection: it was biker-chic-street-style-scorpio-coolness. it was not floral. it was not pretty springy dresses. it was balenciaga. for me, i loved the collection, but not from beginning to end. i loved the beginning, i wasn't a big fan of the end, which was nonetheless a little disappointing. however, i liked the first few peices so much that i let them compensate for the ending i was not-so-fond of. these pictures are only those from the start. you may drool over them now...unless of course, you can buy them :( jealouss! enjoi!

Friday, November 20, 2009

cheaper by the dozen

okay so i will suck in all the air i can take until i have 98% helium and can talk like a cartoon character, simply to say.........OMG SALE SALE OMGG SALE AT URBAN THINGS FOR LIKE $9.99 ITS CRAZAY ADORABLE ITEMS THAT DIDNT SELL WELL BC PPL HAVE ODD TASTE THAT ARE NOW $9.99-20.00 ITS CRAZAAYYYYYY!!! CLICK THIS PARAGRAPH OR CLICK SEPERATE!!! 9.99 14.99 19.99. insanity. i am aware that i sound like an advertisement. unfortunately i didn't get paid for that. if i did it would spend it on this insane sale stuff. man i really do sound like an ad sorry. and sorry for the kicking and screaming. 98%H(elium)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

waiting for the mail

coat: urban outfitters, bdg hooded coat/jacket

shirt: store in my area called suburban blend. obey casual friday

shoes: thrifted

hat: h&m

so today i got home and the weather was sort of interesting. for thus reason i decided it was time for an outfit shoot. sitting on the mailbox is what came to mind. anyway, that coat is new, it is my absolute favourite thing like ever (not really) i love it love it a lot though. click on the pictures to view them larger it is waaaaaay better and worth your clicking efforts. trust me. the street was empty, the sun was setting and the trees were bare. -98%H(elium)

Monday, November 16, 2009

PARIS, january 26, 2009

yes, not the actual date, i am aware. but its is, indeed, a very very important date. and although i am late for that very important date, i am going to post about it now, (yes like almost a year later!!!) im sure you seasoned high fashion keeper-uppers already knew about this sooo last fall. but O M G ( yeah i know i wont say it again). look at this christian dior coat that came out on january 26, 2009. winter collection. paris. beautiful. gorgeous. amazing. magnifico *kiss*. seriously. i want to marry this coat. it had to have its own post. look at the beautiful detail, the floral femininity (femininess?) that went into this garment. beautiful colour. springy, made wintery by the amazing sweater-knit lapels and the SLEEVES. the sleeves. i think we all should just take a moment of silence for the sleeves.

okay did you see the sleeves?? like oversized SWEATERKNIT. oh man am i getting excited. and the bottom looks like roses!!! my god. christian dior know his shi*. oh right did i mention this is dior. i meant to. if someone bought me this coat i would...i dont know. marry them? whatever. i have no idea how expensive (i promise its a lot) and where to get it. i want need!!! -98%H(elium) P.S. oh man i was too excited to mention the makeup and hair. and hat!! well it is oh so dior, like think lady dior, think of the smell of the perfume (have you smelled the perfume??) high-class feminine looking women. like women, mature looking but not old. just mature. beyond our childish games...

some music for yall

this is urban outfitters "music mondays" five select picks for this week. you can embed the player. anawayy, click to download, legally! free! enjoi! -98%H(elium)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

holiday catalogs!!

so today i received my urban outfitters holiday 2009 catalog. i think it is an incredible catalog, a really reallly good issue, i have to say. heres a few pics...and all in all fairly affordable. I'm really into these jane aldridge shoes, i'm starting to think i might do a post just on her. anyway, there is a lot of great sequin and floral picks in this catalog, and it definitely has a sort of vibe the whole time you're looking at it, which just makes you want it more. i started to dog-ear pages and it ended up pointless because i dog-eared most of them. as in like almost all of them. anyway, there are also a lot of great zipper-detail tops and holiday dresses, along with SHOES. omg the shoes. ha. anyway, make sure to check out the catalog online if you didn't receive it via mail. you can click there or you can visit the link to uo, as always on the bottom of the page. it is truly fantastic. hope you enjoyed :) -98%H

Sunday, November 8, 2009

books about fashion=duh.

books about fashion=duh beacause DUH! if you're a major fashion lover, you just must have your books!! these are some of the ones i plan on getting, including christian dior's dictionary of fashion and Nylon Street. you can find them @ modcloth here...sorry for the abbreviations shortness and super late post its kind of late i am tired why am i posting?? idk....right. books. anyway, the fact of the matter is, get a book. nighty night. -98%H(elium)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

woah. i can't believe i would blog about pretty much the same thing THREE TIMES. but here we go. i just couldn't not show someone this awesomeness that arrived in the mail today. omg the awesomeness. it is like. amazing. look at my new lizzie fortunato jewels bracelet. of course it's the uo hope marian one, but i am obsessed and i feel awesome when i wear it. i just love the mixed media. can't wait to wear it to school tomorrow. oh and you can buy the awesomeness here, it's a steal for 30 bucks. and here's my first more extensive peice on her jewelry, if you haven't read it, it sorta tells her story. sorry you had to read about this three times.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

unearthen by SS09 precious rock bullet necklaces

woooooooomg. i was just online and i found THESE!! This is SS09 "unearthen" collection. these gemstone necklaces they are doing are amazing. all of the pieces are one of a kind and get this: the antiquey-gold looking cases they are in are actually real spent bullets!! that is so cool and strange at the same time!!! love it! and get this: apparently wearing one has health benefits. like helps the body strengthen and other weird stuff. these are so cool. i can't get enough of them. i want one in every stone, in medium (in my opinion the smalls are too small and larges and too large). Except that isn't going to happen because guess what? the mediums are like $410.00. I really do love them a lot though. Click the image or click here to view it regular size, it is way wayyy better. trust me. Don't you think that they are AMAAAAZING??? Man. I want one so badd. Here's the unearthen necklaces page. hope you guys liked. -98%H(elium)

Monday, November 2, 2009

alexander mcqueen is a strange strange genius.

Alexander McQueen!!! who can't get enough? because i know i can't. and his spring 2010 collection topped charts. He thinks we all evolved from sea creatures, and oh boy will we be back in that water someday, wearing reptile-digital prints and creature-like shoes sunk up to mid-calf. amaaaaaaaazingg. i love the idea. apparently, at the show it was a tad controversial but applauded that he, of many designers in paris at that time showing of collections, at least went out of the box. whatever. i love his short dresses. i want need one. and the hair and makeup at runway was oh so on theme. i mean, nothing says sea creature like that hair does. nothing. and that makeup, with the strange eyes but overall clean look, as you would imagine for a sea creature in the water theme runway. i totally clicked with it. this particular wantneed pick is *oh so designer* and most definitely not affordable. sorry ladies (and gentlemen) but what are you gonna do?? here's his page. oh, and for an "affordable" substitute, try techy-print and reptile-print dresses and weird boots. example of alexander mcqueen inspired outfit: short, tech or modern print dresses. shoes, reptile print, very "glam". first dress and shoes found at modcloth. other dress by minkpink and found at uo. hope you enjoyed!! -98%He(lium)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

more lovely lizzie fortunato

even more lizzie fortunato jewelry!! alright, i know lizzie fortunato jewels have already been mentioned in the blog, but they are still a huge want need pick. Her webpage, this, shows all her different collections and tells a lot about her. Just a recap from my last bit on her: she derives her designs on the basis that not all upscale jewelry needs to be gold and diamonds, so she makes her pieces with industrial materials and unique fabrics not normal to the fashion world. Now, look at some of these other pieces of hers. I especially love these la punta necklaces she has made, they are the smaller ones you see. These necklaces come from her fall/winter 2008 collection, and although it isn't fall/winter 2008 anymore, it is fall/winter 2009. The other necklace found here is amazing but it is unknown to me what it is called and what collection it is from. I found it here, another different blog on a different website called daily coveting. If I had the money, I would buy her pieces in a heartbeat. But at this point, the only lizzie fortunatos most of us can afford is her hope marion for uo collection right here. Well, hope you like this want need pick. i know i do. -98%helium

let your space reflect your style

your space. like, your bedroom. it doesn't deserve to be boringly (is that a word?) decorated and painted while your closet is the face of style! your room should be like you-you should decorate it to reflect your personal style and YOU. all the picks shown here are examples of things i would absolutely love for my room, some of which i have (the canvas painting of the jellyfish is in my room as is the "sun jar") These are my want need picks right now. Let me know what you think! If you like what you see, the furniture picks are from urban outfitters, as is the sun jar and cool jellyfish wall art. Remember, you should make your room reflect your style! Once i did, it made me happy every time i walked in. hope you like this want need pick as much as i do! -98%helium

jumpers and rompers

okay, so i am very VERY big on jumpers and rompers right now. the entire idea of a pair of pants or shorts connected to a top is adorable! Luckily, this particular want need fashion is usually affordable: urban outfitters is showcasing some of the cutest rompers I have ever seen. take a look. the price range on these is from 25-58 dollars, so all of them are what i would consider affordable, and adorable! If you like what you see, click the link to uo at the bottom of the page and find rompers. I have the blue floral one at the top, and i just LOVE it. Of course there are more expensive rompers out there, and some absolutely fantastic designer ones, but these are amazing without being expensive!! These rompers are my top picks personally, and would look great with patterned tights, a slouchy cardigan, and lace up boots or cutout jeffrey-campbell style heels or wedges! hope you likes this want/need pick! -98%helium