Friday, November 20, 2009

cheaper by the dozen

okay so i will suck in all the air i can take until i have 98% helium and can talk like a cartoon character, simply to say.........OMG SALE SALE OMGG SALE AT URBAN THINGS FOR LIKE $9.99 ITS CRAZAY ADORABLE ITEMS THAT DIDNT SELL WELL BC PPL HAVE ODD TASTE THAT ARE NOW $9.99-20.00 ITS CRAZAAYYYYYY!!! CLICK THIS PARAGRAPH OR CLICK SEPERATE!!! 9.99 14.99 19.99. insanity. i am aware that i sound like an advertisement. unfortunately i didn't get paid for that. if i did it would spend it on this insane sale stuff. man i really do sound like an ad sorry. and sorry for the kicking and screaming. 98%H(elium)

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