Wednesday, November 11, 2009

holiday catalogs!!

so today i received my urban outfitters holiday 2009 catalog. i think it is an incredible catalog, a really reallly good issue, i have to say. heres a few pics...and all in all fairly affordable. I'm really into these jane aldridge shoes, i'm starting to think i might do a post just on her. anyway, there is a lot of great sequin and floral picks in this catalog, and it definitely has a sort of vibe the whole time you're looking at it, which just makes you want it more. i started to dog-ear pages and it ended up pointless because i dog-eared most of them. as in like almost all of them. anyway, there are also a lot of great zipper-detail tops and holiday dresses, along with SHOES. omg the shoes. ha. anyway, make sure to check out the catalog online if you didn't receive it via mail. you can click there or you can visit the link to uo, as always on the bottom of the page. it is truly fantastic. hope you enjoyed :) -98%H

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