Thursday, February 11, 2010

words can only say so much...

i cannot believe that Alexander McQueen has passed away.

runway after runway, he provided the world with what was more than fashion: with what was vision. raw. sometimes, crazy. of course. no one would have had it any other way.

not another collection, not another beautiful piece of art to be inspired by. and amazed.
there will never be another Alexander McQueen.

his work always stood.
rest in peace.

that's all i have to say for now.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

fresh beats.

the scents pictured here: gucci envy me, versace pour femme, victoria's secret dream angel's wish, Juicy Couture, and the new Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne.

just click on one of the names of the perfumes to get to a place where you can buy them
hello everyone! i'm absolutely stunned at how long it's been since i posted last; i am sincerely sorry. i need to stay on top of this stuff. i've just been really busy lately.

anyhoo, perfume. is amazing. I just ordered a new scent for myself and the package just came in: yves saint laurent parisienne. i smelled it in Vogue and thought to myself, this could be it. i love it, so much. so so so so so so SO much.
but there was an article in the february issue of vogue about perfume and finding a "signature" scent recently, and i decided to do my own take on their perfume shoot, where they had different new, personal scents arranged face down on glass and shot them from below. it looked really great, so i decided to try it myself with some of my favorite scents, and here it is.

"that perfume had always been the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accesory of fashion, which heralded your arrival and prolonged your departure." -a great quote from Coco Chanel, which i also found in the article.