Tuesday, December 22, 2009

thoughts in my head

boots: steve madden
ring: vintage
sweater: unknown origin

this is another photoshoot for the betterness

c h r i s t m a s is coming.
just 3 more days...

anyway i am in love with these justabout thigh high steve maddens. they aren't mine... but i love them!!

this sweater i personally want to wear everywhere. it is right on: oversized, chic, smells weird, comfy, soft, men's, and ugly. everything i want in a sweater. this photoshoot was soooo fun to take too. except i kept having to pull down the sweater...ha. again, picture perfectness credit has to go to my good friend jen janowsky, the amazing photographer behind all the awesomeness of the betterness.

merry christmas happy hanukkah and kwanza one and all:

have an awesome holiday.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


so, today. is the first day. of what i like to call the betterness. basically, the betterness is just me actually having outfit shoots i didn't personally take or have my seventh gradeughhhlexithisissoooolame brother take. who also happens to be terrible at photography. no, these awesome pictures were taken by my great, photographer-and-friend, jen janowsky. i know, Polish, right? well her Polish awesomeness took the betterness outfit shoots that i will post more often now.

in this, i'm wearing an urban outfitters tunic, american eagle cami, vintage thrifted vest (which has become my new obsession), uo geode necklace, pac sun jeans, vintage ring, and pour la victoire oxfords.

so far i am liking the betterness.

if you are reading this post, it's recommended, no, it's MANDATORY that you click the link below to see jen's amazing photostream.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

FENDI spring 2010 rtw

pretty. there you have it. that is my oh so original take on the spring 2010 rtw fendi. the gowns and the skirts and the shirts and the everything was sooo well crafted (only to be expected of fendi). it was all so flowy silky satiny soft and gorgeous. i truly loved it. and it was spring without being overt, and it was also very soft and feminine. just wonderful.
just. wonderful. plus, all those shooooooezzz. They were all pretty much the same shoe however i was reaaally into them and i want a pair.
they also had these great wood-handled bags. Everything was very minimal, simple, and elegant. it was really my kind o thing.

this is silvia venturini fendi, obviously designer of fendi. i wish i could tell her in person how amazing this collection was. i mean truly. it was spring, it was simple, but that it all fendi needs because i think it is best that way. and the first look at the top and the last one (i posted them in this order, this isn't the order of the collection.) gorgeoussss. i really do love the long flowy beautiful first gown (at top of post or just click here for the picture) and the short dress with the amazing train and the shrug-type-thing (i'm sure i'm wrong about what that is, but it's great!!) just wow.




Tuesday, December 8, 2009

so sorry.

okay well i'm sure everyone in the world ( beware: this is a joke) has noticed that i haven't been on or posted in abtalutly too long. sorry! i have been so busy and if i want this blog to go anywhere i do realize i should sort of be on top of this stuff...(sorry??) not to mention i missed a music monday. i truly am a disappointing human being! Anyway, i would like to inform you that i will not be posting carolina herrara's collection purely because it was good but not great. and that's a long shot from fantastical. sooo, i will post about someone else's collection, as soon as i find one i truly LOVEE. and i will be on more often. yes.

in the meantime though, i thought i would make it up to you with a fendi look i am very fond of, the whole thing, clothesmakeuphairmodelbagshoes the whole shabang. that model is amazing. not to mention the ENTIRE look. that's that thingggy up top. it's from their spring 2010 rtw.

bye all
hope you enjoyed
c h r i s t m a s in 1 7 days


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

all those c's.

carolina herrara


charlotte ronson

christian dior

christian louboutin

christopher kane

comme des garcons

so the c's.
well, i have to admit i was a little disappointed with these c's.
however on the bright side, i did manage to memorize the a's and the b's perfectly (alexander mcqueen, alexander wang, antonio berardi, balenciaga, betsey johnson, bottega venetta, burberry prorsum!) if you have no idea what i am talking about, please, click here (last week's designers post).
anyway, i decided out of all of them, carolina herrara was my favourite, i will do a post on her collection soon.
also, christopher kane's collection i hated. :( i don't like hating things.

oh and i ordered marc jacobs shoes and they don't fit properly.
i think i am in a sad mood.
c h r i s t m a s
is in 23 days!

Monday, November 30, 2009

wooooooooo music monday-finally posted on an actual monday!

heres the latest in wonderful urban outfitters indie-awesome music:
download is legal and free, should bring up a box on your computer which will download the songs and stick em on itunes.

ur weeelcom. -98%H(elium)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

antonio berardi-spring 2010 rtw

my pick this week: antonio berardi. i loved his spring 2010 rtw collection, so pretty with a sexy side. but beautifully crafted. here are some of my favourite looks, from beginning to end. this collection reads spring to me, but not in an obvious way.
it also heavily reads cocktail party, although near the end of the show it goes lingerieish. he uses some slightly sheer and satiny fabrics and the combination is beautiful, i especially love the first look.
the model's makeup is also beautiful: simple, yet elegant, but also slightly reading cocktail. i love the eyes. that is obviously antonio there at the end. he is a prettty amazing man, to design these clothes.

Friday, November 27, 2009

this week. spring 2010. my picks.

alexander mcqueen
alexander wang

antonio berardi


betsey johnson

bottega venetta

burberry (prorsum)

okay. so, i am trying to memorize the names of all the designers i am fond of so i can spit them all out at some random moment. i don't know, i just feel like everyone with their blogs (and all of my inspirers) know so much, that i need to start knowing more. so here is my start. every week i am posting names of about 6 or 7 designers in big letters in my room until i can say them really fast, completely memorized. yeah, i know. no life besides fashion. so these are my picks for this week that i am learning and loving the spring collections of. especially antonio berardi. i really love his spring collection and will post about his collection alone shortly. so hopefully i can keep this up every week, until i learn them! and i will pick the collection i like the most out of the 6 or 7 and post about it. here we go. hope you like this week! -~98%H(elium)~

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

music mondays, on a tuesday.

sorry for the belated gift! here is the latest (nov. 23) music monday player. the songs are free and legal, the link should take you right to itunes. enJOI!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

¡ay caramba!

balenciaga. is. amazing. his spring 2010 collection did not fall within the box boundaries of an average spring collection: it was biker-chic-street-style-scorpio-coolness. it was not floral. it was not pretty springy dresses. it was balenciaga. for me, i loved the collection, but not from beginning to end. i loved the beginning, i wasn't a big fan of the end, which was nonetheless a little disappointing. however, i liked the first few peices so much that i let them compensate for the ending i was not-so-fond of. these pictures are only those from the start. you may drool over them now...unless of course, you can buy them :( jealouss! enjoi!

Friday, November 20, 2009

cheaper by the dozen

okay so i will suck in all the air i can take until i have 98% helium and can talk like a cartoon character, simply to say.........OMG SALE SALE OMGG SALE AT URBAN THINGS FOR LIKE $9.99 ITS CRAZAY ADORABLE ITEMS THAT DIDNT SELL WELL BC PPL HAVE ODD TASTE THAT ARE NOW $9.99-20.00 ITS CRAZAAYYYYYY!!! CLICK THIS PARAGRAPH OR CLICK SEPERATE!!! 9.99 14.99 19.99. insanity. i am aware that i sound like an advertisement. unfortunately i didn't get paid for that. if i did it would spend it on this insane sale stuff. man i really do sound like an ad sorry. and sorry for the kicking and screaming. 98%H(elium)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

waiting for the mail

coat: urban outfitters, bdg hooded coat/jacket

shirt: store in my area called suburban blend. obey casual friday

shoes: thrifted

hat: h&m

so today i got home and the weather was sort of interesting. for thus reason i decided it was time for an outfit shoot. sitting on the mailbox is what came to mind. anyway, that coat is new, it is my absolute favourite thing like ever (not really) i love it love it a lot though. click on the pictures to view them larger it is waaaaaay better and worth your clicking efforts. trust me. the street was empty, the sun was setting and the trees were bare. -98%H(elium)

Monday, November 16, 2009

PARIS, january 26, 2009

yes, not the actual date, i am aware. but its is, indeed, a very very important date. and although i am late for that very important date, i am going to post about it now, (yes like almost a year later!!!) im sure you seasoned high fashion keeper-uppers already knew about this sooo last fall. but O M G ( yeah i know i wont say it again). look at this christian dior coat that came out on january 26, 2009. winter collection. paris. beautiful. gorgeous. amazing. magnifico *kiss*. seriously. i want to marry this coat. it had to have its own post. look at the beautiful detail, the floral femininity (femininess?) that went into this garment. beautiful colour. springy, made wintery by the amazing sweater-knit lapels and the SLEEVES. the sleeves. i think we all should just take a moment of silence for the sleeves.

okay did you see the sleeves?? like oversized SWEATERKNIT. oh man am i getting excited. and the bottom looks like roses!!! my god. christian dior know his shi*. oh right did i mention this is dior. i meant to. if someone bought me this coat i would...i dont know. marry them? whatever. i have no idea how expensive (i promise its a lot) and where to get it. i want need!!! -98%H(elium) P.S. oh man i was too excited to mention the makeup and hair. and hat!! well it is oh so dior, like think lady dior, think of the smell of the perfume (have you smelled the perfume??) high-class feminine looking women. like women, mature looking but not old. just mature. beyond our childish games...