Sunday, December 13, 2009


so, today. is the first day. of what i like to call the betterness. basically, the betterness is just me actually having outfit shoots i didn't personally take or have my seventh gradeughhhlexithisissoooolame brother take. who also happens to be terrible at photography. no, these awesome pictures were taken by my great, photographer-and-friend, jen janowsky. i know, Polish, right? well her Polish awesomeness took the betterness outfit shoots that i will post more often now.

in this, i'm wearing an urban outfitters tunic, american eagle cami, vintage thrifted vest (which has become my new obsession), uo geode necklace, pac sun jeans, vintage ring, and pour la victoire oxfords.

so far i am liking the betterness.

if you are reading this post, it's recommended, no, it's MANDATORY that you click the link below to see jen's amazing photostream.


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