Wednesday, December 9, 2009

FENDI spring 2010 rtw

pretty. there you have it. that is my oh so original take on the spring 2010 rtw fendi. the gowns and the skirts and the shirts and the everything was sooo well crafted (only to be expected of fendi). it was all so flowy silky satiny soft and gorgeous. i truly loved it. and it was spring without being overt, and it was also very soft and feminine. just wonderful.
just. wonderful. plus, all those shooooooezzz. They were all pretty much the same shoe however i was reaaally into them and i want a pair.
they also had these great wood-handled bags. Everything was very minimal, simple, and elegant. it was really my kind o thing.

this is silvia venturini fendi, obviously designer of fendi. i wish i could tell her in person how amazing this collection was. i mean truly. it was spring, it was simple, but that it all fendi needs because i think it is best that way. and the first look at the top and the last one (i posted them in this order, this isn't the order of the collection.) gorgeoussss. i really do love the long flowy beautiful first gown (at top of post or just click here for the picture) and the short dress with the amazing train and the shrug-type-thing (i'm sure i'm wrong about what that is, but it's great!!) just wow.




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