Tuesday, December 8, 2009

so sorry.

okay well i'm sure everyone in the world ( beware: this is a joke) has noticed that i haven't been on or posted in abtalutly too long. sorry! i have been so busy and if i want this blog to go anywhere i do realize i should sort of be on top of this stuff...(sorry??) not to mention i missed a music monday. i truly am a disappointing human being! Anyway, i would like to inform you that i will not be posting carolina herrara's collection purely because it was good but not great. and that's a long shot from fantastical. sooo, i will post about someone else's collection, as soon as i find one i truly LOVEE. and i will be on more often. yes.

in the meantime though, i thought i would make it up to you with a fendi look i am very fond of, the whole thing, clothesmakeuphairmodelbagshoes the whole shabang. that model is amazing. not to mention the ENTIRE look. that's that thingggy up top. it's from their spring 2010 rtw.

bye all
hope you enjoyed
c h r i s t m a s in 1 7 days


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