Wednesday, January 13, 2010

reach out, and touch me, i'm right here

i really love the beach. the beach and sunsets. does it get (much) better than that?
this is a beautiful, satin, brand new, jumpsuit (did you say jumpsuit? why yes i did) it's from urban outfitters, and even though i'm not sure where else i'll wear it, i LOVE it.
anyway, these are more lovely photographs from my elope(ing?) to a small strip of florida with my friend (and photographer) jen. she is amazing, i know.

song ^ laura (girls by girls)


i've softened shipwrecks right from the start

these are my favorite pictures, like, ever. these were taken in a beautiful slice of florida, where my friend/amazing photographer jennifer janowsky and i took a little excursion for fun...

the jumperdress is borrowed, the watch is urban outfitters, as well as the cardigan, and, coincidently, the hat. it was soo funnnn to shoot this. and i love my new watch <3

for my sake, and jen's, click on the pictures to view them crazysuperlarge. they are amazing and the quality is fantastic. and they just look amazing full size. AND she has a blog now! she just started it...cLick!

these pictures are to celebrate eloping, casual fashion, gorgeous florida, life, and of course, the beach :)


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

eyes green with envy

hello, the chanel jade. the nail polish. i need it. who has some, i want to buy it off of you, seriously. it's sold out everywhere. it's a beautiful la vernis chanel nail colour, and the only place you can get it now is ebay, and it isn't selling for cheap. if you want to see it's ebay search page, just click here.
but i really do want some, i think it's beautiful. it looks a little something like this:

well, if you have some or know anyone who does, by all means, seriously comment, and i can give you my e-mail. i want this nail polish. x&o 98%helium

Saturday, January 2, 2010

happy new year.

looking back on some of my favorite 09 collections...just fall. and i have to say, 2009 has been a great year...there are moments in 09 that i know i will never forget. and although i'm looking forward to 2010, i am going to miss 2009.
and my number one fall 09 collection of choice would have to be: rodarte. rodarte has come a long way and i think that their 2009 fall collection was no doubt a huge success for them. also, i love that these thousand-dollar beautiful pieces inspired a collection of beautiful rodarte clothing we all can love: the rodarte for target collection.

secondly, i was a huge HUGE fan of the fall 09 moschino collection!! full of beautiful, dark florals. i wanted to burst. and some of the outerwear, was...incredible. a lot of silky/satin looking fabrics, and some beautiful velvet. the crimson red popping out in several looks. i truly loved moschino fall 09...

in third place, is chloé fall 09. a lot of people said it was okay, but not the best chloé collection. i thought otherwise. i thought it was amazingggggg... i was going through the collection, looking at each look, just dying. did i mention the awesome mixed fabrics??or the fantastic shoes i saw with each look? i wanted to wear it, all of it. it was gorgggggeous and it really spoke chloé to me...

number four, marc jacobs, well...of course. marc jacobs somehow always manages to steal the show. cool colours, cool fabrics, cool mixed media on a few peices. also, just some really great design aesthetics. the pieces weren't normal, they weren't boring. and the shoes were great too, take a look at them when you scroll through.

okay, fifth for me was D&G. i saw that dress in the middle with the bows and the silk and the tulle and i fell in love. i looked through the rest of the collection, drooling. it was amazing. the look on people's faces if you wore any one of their pieces to some high-end cocktail party, ahhh. and those JEANS i WANT THEM. the ones with embellishment, oooooh yess. and there was even some QUILTING. with a dash of military. i'm on board...

the sixth, prada. the colours they put together, genious. the girls looked like they were blindly walking around a dark wood. it was gorgeous. and i'll never forget those kinky over-thigh-high waders...

seventh, betsey johnson. it was a collection that was childish and ridiculous and for that reason i LOVED it. the kooky colours, the kooky mixes, the kooky kookiness. crazy poppy florals and pastels. except is was also sexy...i don't know how to explain it's strange euphoria. just observe it...

and finally, in 8th (yes i know "top 8" is a pretty random number of favorites. that's just what i picked, these are my 8 favorites.) is balenciaga. i love balenciaga, almost always. fall 09 was filled with drapiness and ladylike pieces. and you've got to love those shoes. and those patterns on their silky dresses... with random pops of colour...

well that's everything. i hope that 2009 was as good for you as it was for me. and don't hesitate to give me your top eight :)

-love 98%helium