Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i've softened shipwrecks right from the start

these are my favorite pictures, like, ever. these were taken in a beautiful slice of florida, where my friend/amazing photographer jennifer janowsky and i took a little excursion for fun...

the jumperdress is borrowed, the watch is urban outfitters, as well as the cardigan, and, coincidently, the hat. it was soo funnnn to shoot this. and i love my new watch <3

for my sake, and jen's, click on the pictures to view them crazysuperlarge. they are amazing and the quality is fantastic. and they just look amazing full size. AND she has a blog now! she just started it...cLick!

these pictures are to celebrate eloping, casual fashion, gorgeous florida, life, and of course, the beach :)



  1. these were SO MUCH FUN. i can see a beautiful future together. <3

  2. Oh i love these too :) cute outfit x