Wednesday, January 13, 2010

reach out, and touch me, i'm right here

i really love the beach. the beach and sunsets. does it get (much) better than that?
this is a beautiful, satin, brand new, jumpsuit (did you say jumpsuit? why yes i did) it's from urban outfitters, and even though i'm not sure where else i'll wear it, i LOVE it.
anyway, these are more lovely photographs from my elope(ing?) to a small strip of florida with my friend (and photographer) jen. she is amazing, i know.

song ^ laura (girls by girls)



  1. and I don't want to fight anymore, I really want to be your friend forever. Great post chickie

  2. Beautiful photos girl :)

  3. I agree, these are beautiful photos. But I also really love what you are wearing : )


  4. oh my god just kill me. you are so prettyyy :0