Wednesday, January 6, 2010

eyes green with envy

hello, the chanel jade. the nail polish. i need it. who has some, i want to buy it off of you, seriously. it's sold out everywhere. it's a beautiful la vernis chanel nail colour, and the only place you can get it now is ebay, and it isn't selling for cheap. if you want to see it's ebay search page, just click here.
but i really do want some, i think it's beautiful. it looks a little something like this:

well, if you have some or know anyone who does, by all means, seriously comment, and i can give you my e-mail. i want this nail polish. x&o 98%helium


  1. Be different! Wear another pastel color ;)

    gray or blueish pastel ...

    and then you can say things like:

    ".... oooh i'm sooo over that"



  2. yeah, your totally right. i am soo into this pastel nail colour though!!

    and i just love gray nail polish.