Monday, November 16, 2009

PARIS, january 26, 2009

yes, not the actual date, i am aware. but its is, indeed, a very very important date. and although i am late for that very important date, i am going to post about it now, (yes like almost a year later!!!) im sure you seasoned high fashion keeper-uppers already knew about this sooo last fall. but O M G ( yeah i know i wont say it again). look at this christian dior coat that came out on january 26, 2009. winter collection. paris. beautiful. gorgeous. amazing. magnifico *kiss*. seriously. i want to marry this coat. it had to have its own post. look at the beautiful detail, the floral femininity (femininess?) that went into this garment. beautiful colour. springy, made wintery by the amazing sweater-knit lapels and the SLEEVES. the sleeves. i think we all should just take a moment of silence for the sleeves.

okay did you see the sleeves?? like oversized SWEATERKNIT. oh man am i getting excited. and the bottom looks like roses!!! my god. christian dior know his shi*. oh right did i mention this is dior. i meant to. if someone bought me this coat i would...i dont know. marry them? whatever. i have no idea how expensive (i promise its a lot) and where to get it. i want need!!! -98%H(elium) P.S. oh man i was too excited to mention the makeup and hair. and hat!! well it is oh so dior, like think lady dior, think of the smell of the perfume (have you smelled the perfume??) high-class feminine looking women. like women, mature looking but not old. just mature. beyond our childish games...