Monday, November 2, 2009

alexander mcqueen is a strange strange genius.

Alexander McQueen!!! who can't get enough? because i know i can't. and his spring 2010 collection topped charts. He thinks we all evolved from sea creatures, and oh boy will we be back in that water someday, wearing reptile-digital prints and creature-like shoes sunk up to mid-calf. amaaaaaaaazingg. i love the idea. apparently, at the show it was a tad controversial but applauded that he, of many designers in paris at that time showing of collections, at least went out of the box. whatever. i love his short dresses. i want need one. and the hair and makeup at runway was oh so on theme. i mean, nothing says sea creature like that hair does. nothing. and that makeup, with the strange eyes but overall clean look, as you would imagine for a sea creature in the water theme runway. i totally clicked with it. this particular wantneed pick is *oh so designer* and most definitely not affordable. sorry ladies (and gentlemen) but what are you gonna do?? here's his page. oh, and for an "affordable" substitute, try techy-print and reptile-print dresses and weird boots. example of alexander mcqueen inspired outfit: short, tech or modern print dresses. shoes, reptile print, very "glam". first dress and shoes found at modcloth. other dress by minkpink and found at uo. hope you enjoyed!! -98%He(lium)

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  1. Three words: I. Love. You. Alot. Ok so it was four words, deal with it. Either way your a genious. XOXO