Sunday, November 1, 2009

more lovely lizzie fortunato

even more lizzie fortunato jewelry!! alright, i know lizzie fortunato jewels have already been mentioned in the blog, but they are still a huge want need pick. Her webpage, this, shows all her different collections and tells a lot about her. Just a recap from my last bit on her: she derives her designs on the basis that not all upscale jewelry needs to be gold and diamonds, so she makes her pieces with industrial materials and unique fabrics not normal to the fashion world. Now, look at some of these other pieces of hers. I especially love these la punta necklaces she has made, they are the smaller ones you see. These necklaces come from her fall/winter 2008 collection, and although it isn't fall/winter 2008 anymore, it is fall/winter 2009. The other necklace found here is amazing but it is unknown to me what it is called and what collection it is from. I found it here, another different blog on a different website called daily coveting. If I had the money, I would buy her pieces in a heartbeat. But at this point, the only lizzie fortunatos most of us can afford is her hope marion for uo collection right here. Well, hope you like this want need pick. i know i do. -98%helium

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