Sunday, November 1, 2009

lizzie fortunato jewelry

wow. like really, i love this jewelry. designer elizabeth fortunato has been designing accessories since her childhood. her jewelry designs draw on the principal that high end jewelry is not limited to gold and diamonds, and she uses industrial and other unique materials to make her gorgeous, overstated, head-turning jewelry. i personally can't get enough of this woman's designs. are they not amazing?? anyway, if you want to go big and designer, you can see and buy her collection pieces online, here. however, her pieces are very expensive, ranging from about 250 dollars (the collection of necklaces all the way at top) to like 900 dollars (a good estimate of the necklace right above). but if you want a gorgeous lizzie fortunato piece you can afford, go to the urban outfitters link at the bottom of the blog, and search "lizzie fortunato". You will find 3 or 4 pieces she did as an "affordable" collection for urban outfitters. the collection is called "hope marion" and it is equally as gorgeous as her regular pieces, but by far less expensive. I just ordered one of her bracelets today on uo. so if you like what you see here, i recommend you try the link to urban outfitters at the bottom of the page. Hope you liked this want/need fashion as much as i did! -98%helium

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  1. Hi! we have a couple of Lizzie Fortunato fall pieces left for 35% off at Pretty Mommy (use code PUMPKIN at checkout)